The idea of having a mapping project was born more than a year ago.

It was decided that it was necessary to develop a map to be inserted in the future YDN website. 


Because the map needs to represent the dynamics of dance for children and young people in the world, and to give a clear picture of the actual dance scene and the future development.  The map is meant to give the reader an immediate information.  In the future the map will be also used to spark the discussion and to share ideas, projects and various activities related to dance for youth and children. Thus the work in progress will take place in various phases that will be mentioned later.

The first instrument that we have realized is the survey attached below. The survey is very simple and is utilized to gather data of the members. The latter should make suggestions and comments to be able to achieve better results. 

In a first phase the survey will be sent only to the actual YDN members of the core group and will serve as a prototype to be expanded later and accessed by others. In a second phase it will be necessary to understand how to use the survey and to whom to send it, respecting the values and the aims of YDN.

The concept of such map is a work in progress.

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