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Dance needs to have a strong voice – in general and in the art sector of TYA. The network aims to amplify the visibility of Dance for Young Audiences through offering access to an international association and a network of practitioners. We encourage dance to happen and nurture the circumstances in which it will thrive. Through incorporating local perspectives in a global conversation, we aim for balanced and tolerant exchanges that generate the ideas needed for the best future for all. We aim to make Dance for Young Audiences as accessible as possible: for artists, for audiences, in education and on platforms around the world.


Flexible Model: Circle
The circle represents the globe. It is a flexible model that is surrounded by seven objectives. We choose a circle as all objectives that are in the circle are equal in importance – there is no hierarchy. It gives everyone the flexibility to choose one of the objectives as a topic according to the needs of their context. Within the circle we do not work with judgement. The main goal is to level the rights of children in making dance for children accessible and visible: Everybody can dance and join the dancing community.

Dance As An Art Form Of Connecting
Communication and Connectivity
For Children


Aim 1
to amplify the visibility of dance for young audiences by:
– empowering and informing the audience through offering strategies to artists for audience engagement
– lobbying decision makers in the field of performing arts and (dance) education

Aim 2
to increase the awareness and appreciation of professionals in the field of dance by:
– stimulating and influencing debate about the impact of dance for young audiences in everyday life

Aim 3
to identify dance for young audiences as a distinct form with global commonalities as well as local specificities and to create vehicles for connection and exchange within that
framework by:
– designing and delivering new formats for artists to work together

Aim 4
to foster exchange, knowledge, experience and the spark of ideas by:
– facilitating and encouraging collaboration, meeting points, encounters and networking By nurturing exchange, a network can flourish. We focus on generating opportunities to encounter each other and to exchange knowledge and practices in different ways and forms.


Aim 5
to acknowledge and promote the importance of dance for young audiences as an essential instrument in the development of children and young people by:
– facilitating and encouraging dance play and appreciation within familial, cultural and educational structure

Aim 6
to include dance for young audiences as an artistic partner in audience development and to bridge professional dancers and audiences by:
– stimulating a conversation ( aim is under construction)

Aim 7
to share the specificity of dance for young audiences



Act local, think global.
Conscious of the carbon footprint that travel can have, we support low-emission travel and local activities in different regions around the globe.
Dance deserves compensation, support and proper working conditions. The network supports fair, sustainable practices that acknowledge the needs of the body, the artist, the work and the audience.

We work transparently within the working groups and in non-hierarchical ways.


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