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date: 20.-25.11.2023
place: Novi Sad and Belgrade, Serbia
partner: ASSITEJ Serbia and ASSITEJ International

During the ASSITEJ International Artistic Gathering held this year in 2 Serbian cities (Novi Sad and Belgrade) under the title “Turning point" YDN is collaborating with ASSITEJ Serbia and FAS festival with professional program contributions. This working group is for now consistent of all Core Group members and is open for regular members to join at any point of time until event.

Several meetings with Serbian organiser were held online and 1 in person. 3 professional applications were submitted. Central program focus which is planned in the program of AAG is granted (not a part of the selection process of ASSITEJ Serbia) - YDN General Assembly (3 hour event reserved for our members only, date still not confirmed). 2 extra programs are submitted in the application:

1) collaboration with the local dance community,

2) Warm up / wake up sessions (daily during the festival) open for everybody.

Results of the applications to professional program are not announced yet.

Several additional  programs and meetings are decided to be kept unofficial and YDNs participation in networking events (Umbrella session) is confirmed too.

The next task of the Working group would be to create content for our General Assembly (whole membership body involved, open call will be placed). Depending on the results of the professional program jury - eventually selected other programs will be planned further. 


date: 30.09-3.10.2023

place: Poznań / Poland

partner: Children's Art Center
Contemporary dance and choreography for children and young people are in a state of rapid development, both in Poland and around the world. At the Children’s Art Center, we observe this trend with great curiosity and appreciate the potential of these arts to create valuable encounters with young viewers and broaden reflection on performing arts for children. That is why we decided to dedicate the second edition of the Forum on performing arts for young audiences to this very topic.

The first two days of the event are the performative part of the Forum, during which we will present a selection of Polish dance performances aimed at young audiences. This experience will be the basis for entering the second, two-day discursive part.

The forum is meant to be a space for multidirectional inspiration and exchange of experiences. The event is addressed to people who feel connected with contemporary dance, choreography for young audiences, feel connected with contemporary theater and performing arts for young audiences, implement interdisciplinary projects in which dance and choreography play an important role, want to be involved in the development of the environment related to contemporary dance and choreography for children and young people, discover dance and choreography for themselves as an area of professional interest, are looking for inspiration for creative activities. It will be an occasion for a presentation a meeting of the YDN.

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YDN Meetings and Events at Stella Festival 2022

Sat 01 October 15-18
YDN Artistic encounter Teil 1

Sun 02 October 16-18
YDN Artistic encounter Teil 2

In the field of dance for young audiences, approaches to creation and aesthetics vary. In this diverse field, questions that are worked out together are helpful for future projects or can spark interest in discovering this target group for oneself. The goal of this format is to create a space where these questions can be shared and thus approach the topic of dance for young audiences one step closer.
Moderation: Alfredo Zinola (YDN)
With contributions by: Sanja Frühwald (YDN), Gabi dan Droste (YDN), Thalia Laric
(YDN), Lars Garpenfeldt (YDN), Giovanna Palmieri (YDN), Katharina Senk,
Andras Mescericz, Gat Goodovitch Pletzer, Elda Gallo


Sun 2 Oct. 18.30 – 19.30
Young Dance network Open Circle

Who couldn’t come before can join now, say hi, ask questions and meet the members of the Young Dance Network.


Sun 2 Oct. 19.30 – 21.00
YDN Get together

After some days of meeting this event is meant as a simple informal moment to get to know each other, to facilitate encounter and to drink a glass together.


Tue 03 Oct. 14:00 – 17:00
Workshop – Physical Dramaturgy

Workshop Leader: Gabi Dan Droste.


Tue 04 Oct. 14:00 – 17:00
Workshop – Get Out

Workshop Leader: Ceren Oran

Tue 04 Oct. YDN Assembly online
The YDN is opening up. This meeting is a first step to present the activities that has been already done and that will be done by the YDN.


 Click here for more information.

Young Dance Network is at Visioni Festival / Bologna

Thursday October 28 in the frame of the Visioni Festival 2021 at the Testoni Ragazzi theater in Bologna there will be a day of meetings and conversations between delegates, artists and presenters focused on dance for children organized by the Assitej Young Dance Network in collaboration with the Festival “Visions of the future, visions of theater 2021”, organized by La Baracca-Testoni Ragazzi of Bologna with the partnership of the Assitej Small Size Network.

This is the first organized exchange of experiences between dance and theatre professionals doing works for young audiences for the purpose of asking questions and stimulating a dialogue between different languages and expressions of dance for young audiences (DYA).


Click here to see the invitation and details.



Tokyo Assitej International World Congress 22-31 March.

26. March. 2021 15:30 (GMT) Round Table Young Dance Network

This Round Table is organised to present the new Young Dance Network’s new Website, as well as to talk about where we stand on the path of constructing the network at this moment. Gabi Dan Droste and Ceren Oran will lead the session, which will conclude with a Q&A session.


Format: Online via Zoom

Duration: 45 Minutes

Moderation: Ceren Oran & Gabi Dan Droste


Register here


30. March. 2021 08:00 (GMT) Coffee Session 

What do we know about Dance for Young Audiences and what is still a mystery? Why do we define our work as “Dance”, as opposed to “Theatre” or “Performance Art”? Is that distinction even important? Join Nicola Elliott and Alfredo Zinola for this Coffee Session as we thrash out these ideas from opposite ends of the globe. Through talking to artists from The Young Dance Network, and getting your input, we’ll be teasing out ideas on this topic and hearing different voices in preparation for a wider conference at the official launch of The Young Dance Network.


Format: Online via Zoom

Duration: 1,5 Hours

Moderation:  Nicola Elliot & Alfredo Zinola


Register here


30. March. 2021 14:00 (GMT) Round Table Dramaturgy in Dance for Young Audiences

Contemporary Dance Art for Young Audiences is at an early stage of development. In conversations about Dance productions, colleagues often demand a conversation about quality and express the need for an exchange on dramaturgy – but it does not seem clear what exactly should be talked about. Existing reflections and discussions are limited to just a few often repeated topics, such as the “abstract vs. narration” debate, or how Dance dramaturgy links to Theatre-based dramaturgy. Working in Dance for Young Audiences means grappling with seemingly unorganised and unprocessed questions about methodology, self-image, working methods, transferability of other discipline’s bodies of knowledge, and the specifics of Dance as an Art form (can Dance be made specifically for young audiences or is dance ageless?). We want to initiate a conversation about these topics. We start with sharing our questions and our different approaches: How do you work? Are there Dance or other traditions you refer to? What is your understanding of dramaturgy? Do you need a dramaturg to work with? Doing so will help us to get to know each other and to broaden our collective perspectives.


Format: Online via Zoom

Duration: 45 Minutes

Moderation: Gabi Dan Droste & Sanja Frühwald


Register here

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